Tirzah M. Johnson

Tirzah M. Johnson is a Sacramento based web designer and developer with a passion for both creative processes. Development allows her to use logic and analysis to determine the most efficient way to build a website. Design, in contrast, allows her the freedom to be creative and shake things up a bit. Often people believe you must choose one, but Tirzah believes websites should be equal in beauty and function.

She has been fortunate to have awesome mentors, teachers, and creatives to guide her as she grew into this craft. Raised to always pay-it-forward, she plans to use her experiences to create a non-profit program to teach youth in low-income areas to design and code websites for scholarships funds. Until then, you will find her volunteering as a mentor, researching posts for her upcoming blog, or drowning her brain in web design resources.

Tirzah will be speaking at WordCamp Sacramento 2016 on Creating An Active Project Management Process.


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